Stop, your wings would get drenched

I was listening to moonlight when it was raining outdoors so I got inspired to add rain bgm to the song, mostly to the parts where “会淋湿你的翅膀 (your wings would get drenched)” is sang.


Anonymous: Taemin? Taeminnie? TaemAn?

tbh i think taemin is the best dancer in sm. while he’s definitely not my favourite member of shinee you gotta admit the kid got mad talent. he really REALLY worked on his singing and he improved so much like holy man. jonghyun used to have to sing along with him for his part in romantic and nOW HE HAS A HECKING SOLO. props bro, well deserved. i didn’t really pay attention to the song but it was well deserved. i really don’t find him attractive or cute or anything but he’s got crazy talent. even when you watch the pretty boy performance, as good as kai is you can just /tell/ that taemin is still a good level above him

truly a gem of talent man gotta give him that

send me an idol & ill give a short description of how i feel about them!

this one, how old is this one?


amimrsleejinkiyet: Minseokkie.

bABE!!! honestly i love him to bits he’s definitely in my top 5 favourite members of exo i have such a soft spot for him. i just like him he’s great just all around great and i really like his voice too. he can also be quite hot sometimes like wowie but also look how cute he is. when amber spoke chinese and then asked who understood he

he raised his hand can you get any cuter than this boy wowie. also i really like his eyes they’re such a nice shape and sometimes he does things with his eyebrows and woOOOOWWW IM WEAK

he doesn’t talk alot but when he does it is wonderous everything about him is wonderous and i hope he knows that i really hope he does

send me an idol & ill give a short description of how i feel about them!

send me an idol & ill give a short description of how i feel about them


please send me anything

things luhan says in variety shows/interviews (part 2/?)

141018 / sm town in shanhai : 上瘾 (overdose) ─ XIUMIN's new part

⑴ oh, she wants me oh, she’s got me

⑵ why did i change so much / 怎么我变了很多

⑶ there’s no way to go back the space that you fill / 再也无法倒退 你填满的空间怎么


please do NOT! EVER! give him the camera

[ POWERS ] : always one.
precious-jongdae: Hi! :) I was wondering if you know where I can find the gif to Jongdae saying that he isn't ready to show his body?? I think I remember you re-blogging it but I don't find it :(

Hi dear! I’m super forgetful so I would need a bit more info to jog my memory because right now nothing comes to mind? I don’t know I’m sorry I’m super forgetful even when it comes to Chen :(((