Luhan - with Back to 20’s co-artists & crews

is the fan okay? did she/he survive this?

mintiscream: What's your career goal after college?

luhan’s fanboy cannot control the feels

33/ d.o moments: solo shots

Anonymous: also, ive seen some blogger getting bashed for being exo m biased like when they said theyre not gonna watch the new show if exo m is not gonna be in it but funny how they never even watch any exo m performances and shows or anything m related since debut (except for m overdose mv bc k is there too) ughhhh its annoying as hell.

OH MY GOD WHAT WHY WOULD ANY ONE BASH SOMEONE FOR BEING EXO M BIASED FOR GOODNESS SAKES ITS TOTALLY FINE. I myself, in case anyone hasn’t noticed, am exo m biased. 4 of my top 5 favourite members are in M. Do I like K? Yes, of course I do, but for me Exo M has always been the slightly more talented sub group. This whole “you can’t like one without liking the other because they are one” is total bullcrap. Maybe you just like the exo m members more like I do. And no, you don’t have to like every single member of a group in other to be a fan of them either.

If Exo M isn’t in the new show (which I think they should be since it’s called “EXO’s” not “EXO-K’s”) then I probably won’t really be watching it either. I’ll probably watch it eventually because Kyungsoo but not right away and I’m not overly excited because I want to see exo m too. 

However I’m not sure how one can claim to be M biased but only watch K performances or performances with K in it if I’m reading your message right? Because I prefer to watch M’s performances because that’s where my biases are and I kind of want to see my biases? Although the Korean shows are in higher quality than the Chinese ones but still…

Anonymous: what do u think is going to happen to exo m? do u think they ever gonna perform as 5 outside the concert in which they havent done it since kris left? honestly I think exo m is still solid and they can still pull it off as 5 though it might looks a bit empty but they're gonna be stronger than ever. I hope to see them promoting im china as exo m again.

Well I don’t think anything will particularly happen to them I think they’re going to continue to SLAY. Nothing’s really going to happen to them I’m sure at the next comeback if it’s a split one they will go to China and perform as 5, no problem. Exo M looks soooo good as 5 I roll in happiness when I see them come out as 5. They look good and they’re even stronger than before. lbr k ris can’t dance and i hope he never has to do it again because it was just not good. They look… cleaner on stage now if you will. SM isn’t just going to leave them because they lost a member, they’re doing just fine, if not better without him.

Anonymous: OMG u like me??? /hides face/ I like you too! and I love writing and music too! I also love to sing I should serenade u one day! or I'll kidnap jongdae and we'll do a duet for you! hehe - kitty anon

Yes of course I like you you’re so cute!! Ohhhhh my goddddd if you sang to me i wouldn’t know what to do i would be a mess i get messy when people sing to me (i mean it hasn’t quite happened yet but i’m sure i would because i love singers) aND IF YOU SANG TO ME WITH JONGDAE I WOULD JUST DIE IM CERTAIN OF IT 100% CERTAIN


jongdae’s smiles + waves (*^▽^)

Anonymous: Oh nice! I start school again on August 25th. I'm ready though tbh. Work isn't really bad, it's just that I'm either really busy or really bored lol. Never an in between which sucks. Have you been okay though? Hope nothings been bringing ya down besides work (?) - your encouragement anon :)

Ahh I don’t start until Sept 3rd. And yes yes I’ve been fine, nothing really bringing me down so please don’t worry~ I’ll work hard this year in school so i can study in Korea next year and see my friend again since he’ll be out of the military. He says if I go we can go to Busan so I have a lot to look forward to and I’m really excited and determined so hopefully I’ll make it!

Wise words from Sistar

Anonymous: hehe you're too cute!!! /pets your head/ tell me all the things you like! I want to know more about my precious flower <3 - kitty anon

omg i don’t know!! i like a lot of things like soccer, flowers, good music, well written stories and writing, fashion, travelling, exploring new places, exo, sistar and wow ya lots of things 

Anonymous: ah~ I like to see you blush! pink is a nice color on you~ /kisses your cheeks/ - kitty anon

when the mc asked who did Xiumin mainly learn chinese from. ᶜʳᵉᵈⁱᵗ